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Omni International, Corp. was founded in 2000 as a medical products marketing and sales company. The company's charter has expanded to include cleanroom and industrial markets with the merger of Omni Sales Corporation, a company established in 1995. Omni International's focus is to develop and market state of the art products and to provide unparalleled service to our customers. We believe that constant attention to achieving perfection in these areas makes Omni International, Corp. the best value for our distribution partners. We take great pride in our products, people and, most of all, our customers' success.

Corporate Objectives:


Omni International's current product offering consists of glove products for medical, industrial, food service and cleanroom manufacturing uses. We offer gloves made from a variety of polymers including natural rubber latex, nitrile, and PVC. We are constantly working to expand our product offering to meet the changing needs of end-users and have several new polymers in development in addition to those listed above.


Omni International maintains strong relationships with world class manufacturers in a variety of locations throughout the world including China, Malaysia and Thailand. Omni International's products are produced in modern manufacturing plants, most of which were built or remodeled within the past 3 years and all are ISO 9001/9002 certified. Both Omni International and our manufacturing partners take great pride in product quality.

Supply Efficiency

Omni International is partnered with a major logistics company with operations throughout the world. This partnership provides Omni International with the ability to move product seamlessly from our manufacturing partners to our customers. Our goal is swift, reliable and economical movement of products from our factories to your distribution center.


Omni International's customer service department is experienced and well equipped to handle all aspects of communication with our customers. We have invested in state of the art technology to ensure that doing business with Omni International is a pleasure. Our goal is to fit our customer's needs whether they be best served through direct personal communication, EDI, or the Internet. We are equipped to handle order processing and inquiries with speed and accuracy and personality. In addition to our office based customer service staff, we are proud of our ability to offer assistance to our customers in person through our staff of experienced field personnel. Our field staff is trained to provide service, product education, and sales support to our customers.


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