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Omni International provides foodservice gloves, industrial gloves as well as hand coverings for the professional healthcare, dental and veterinary markets. As part of its commitment to provide quality products, value, service and innovation, Omni decided to take its gloves to a higher level of reassurance. The first step in this endeavor was pursuing NSF Certification. Omni International's current product offering consists of glove products for several industries, including the foodservice industries. OmniShieldT foodservice gloves meet strict quality criteria. This includes certification to NSF Protocol 155 (P155) for Disposable Food Contact Gloves. To obtain NSF Certification, Omni was required to meet all requirements outlined in P155, which requires new test methods and auditing for food glove manufacturers. By combining medical glove guidelines and food specific requirements, P155 ensures safety, durability and cleanliness of disposable single task gloves used in food handling and preparation. "Disposable gloves, which did not meet medical grade requirements, were commonly used in food service," said Tom Bruursema, General Manager, NSF Engineering and Research Services. "With P155, regulators, manufacturers and consumers can now look for the NSF Mark to ensure glove quality." Products certified to P155 bear the NSF Mark to demonstrate compliance with all of P155 requirements. Annual product testing and facility audits are conducted to ensure ongoing confidence in gloves bearing the Mark.

Not only did Omni obtain NSF Certification, Omni also took it certification a step further by having a DINP/DOP/DEHP (di-octyl-phtalate / di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) formulation verification completed for its OmniShieldT foodservice gloves. The results concluded that their Poly Vinyl Chloride gloves do not include DINP/DOP/DEHP.* "Given the liability issues surrounding both safe food and safe workplace concerns, we feel that our gloves give our customers a superior solution in handling food at a very competitive price," said Ken Mosher, President, Omni International, LLC. "This is the reason that we chose to pursue not only NSF Certification, but glove products that are free of DINP/DOP/DEHP." Omni International takes great pride in product quality. To further demonstrate this commitment to quality, Omni International's products are produced in ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plants. ISO 9001 certification verifies that operational and customer-related processes are controlled, measured and consistently monitored. For more information about NSF's glove testing program, please contact Cheryl Bunagan, NSF ERS Senior Project Manager, at 734-913-5708 or *DINP/DOP/DEHP has been reported to cause reproductive problems and to reduce liver and kidney function in animals. Though there have been no confirmed reports of adverse health effects in children or adults from phthalate exposure, the FDA recommends the use of alternatives to DEHP-containing products where exposures may be excessive.


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