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About Us

Our focus is to develop and market state-of-the-art products and to provide unparalleled service to our customers.

We believe that constant attention to achieving perfection in these areas makes Omni International Corp. the best value for our distribution partners. We take great pride in our products, people and, most of all, our customers’ success.

Constantly Innovating

We are constantly working to expand our product offerings and find new and innovative ways to develop the products we carry to meet the changing needs of our customers.

But there’s more: we also offer OEM manufacturing capabilities to wholesalers and distributors who want to create their own proprietary brands with any of our products.

The Highest Degree of Quality

Our parent company, Blue Sail Group, is a world-class manufacturing enterprise offering products with the highest degree of quality. With ISO 9001:2015 and 9002:2016-certified facilities and an ever-expanding product range that meets or exceeds NSF certifications, U.S. FDA standards, and ASTM standards, among others, you can count on the proven quality of all of our products.

For more information about , please visit BlueSail.cn.

Supply Efficiency

Omni International moves products seamlessly from our manufacturing partners to our customers so you can benefit from a swift, reliable and economical movement of products from our factories to your facility.

Easy Shipping & Delivery

We aim to make our ordering, shipping, and delivering process as seamless as possible.

Service & Support

Omni International’s customer service department is experienced and well-equipped to handle all aspects of communication with our customers. Our team will answer questions when you have them and take and fulfill orders when you need them with speed, accuracy, and friendliness.