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Press Release November 3, 2011

Omni-Blue Sail Announcement

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Omni International Corp. by Blue Sail Corporation. Blue Sail is one of the world's largest glove manufacturers.

A seamless transition should be expected as we continue with our current operations.

All your friends at Omni look forward to a more dynamic, successful relationship.

Thank you for your continued support.

- Your Friends at Omni International

Press Release June 17, 2010


Omni International Corp. of Bedford, NH, a leading United States and North American Glove Company, is pleased to announce it has signed a licensing agreement with Anti-Microbial Solutions LLC (AMS) in utilizing their new Anti-Microbial Technology in our OmniShield™ family of food service gloves. Future product expansion into other Omni International gloves is currently in development.

The OmniShield™ AMS anti-microbial process is completely safe for use in any environment. The new AMS proprietary Anti-Microbial Technology has been developed using all EPA Registered ingredients and has been shown in independent lab tests to be highly effective against certain harmful bacteria. This new AMS technology capitalizes on the beneficial effects of non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic and anti-fungal agents.

OmniShield™ are the first gloves known to have anti-microbial qualities built in to the product, not just on it. There are products, in development and that were previously produced, which utilize a topical coating. However, our technology marries the polymer with the anti-microbial agent. It can't wash off, it can't be rubbed off - in fact, it remains highly effective against bacteria and fungi for the life of the product. The effectiveness of a coated anti-microbial agent could diminish upon exposure to the atmosphere and environment while the gloves are in storage. Literally, AMS Technology becomes an integral part of the product.

AMS Technology also has made the OmniShield™ Food Service Gloves softer, silkier and more comfortable to wear than an untreated glove product.

As demand for protective gloves continues to grow due to increased awareness, enhanced barrier protection and the higher probability of cross contamination, AMS Technology creates a stronger protection.

Omni International already has commitments from its major food service glove customers to convert their existing glove usage over to the OmniShield™ AMS Anti-Microbial Technology.

Omni International’s first OmniShield™ anti-microbial glove, especially designed for food service, is in production and will be available from Omni’s distribution centers by August. Container based customers will start receiving product in the next 45-60 days.

Omni International is a supplier of high quality disposable vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves in the medical/dental/veterinary, food service, consumer/retail, and industrial markets. Omni specializes in DINP/DOP/DEHP Free Vinyl and NSF Certified Food Service Gloves utilizing select dedicated ISO Certified manufacturing partners in China and Malaysia.

For more information, contact;
Ron Fleitz Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Omni International Corp.
Bedford, NH 03110 888-999-6664 xt 208

Press Release May 20, 2009

Omni International Corp. is working on new technologies for our distribution network to present to their customers. Today, we are proud to announce the introduction of our second generation Lite Touch Blue Nitrile Examination Glove.

We were overwhelmed with interest during a national medical distribution trade convention the week of May 1. To prove they meant business, we accepted many pre-delivery orders. Delivery will be late May or early June when our distribution centers will start receiving the second generation Lite Touch gloves.

Why all the hoopla? Our original Lite Touch glove was extremely popular in the dental and physician practice. As a matter of fact, it’s growth among dental professionals has been astounding. To add to the excitement, end users who have tried samples of the second generation glove simply love it! That means Omni distributors have a huge opportunity for sales just ahead. Get ready and be prepared!

Our second generation Omni Lite Touch Nitrile glove, offers a more comfortable fit, and great protection in a slightly darker blue color. Your customer will notice this “lite” nitrile glove smoothly slips onto the hand. They will like the extra stretch which, in combination with a polymer coating, permits this easy-on glide. Once the glove is on, the magic begins-as our Lite Touch immediately starts conforming to the wearer’s hand allowing a very nice and natural fit. (This reason alone helped make our original Lite Touch popular with the dental market.) Your customer will notice in amazement the glove conforming to their hand as they both achieve the same ambient temperature!

And the PRICE is so close to powder free latex, you will surely impress your customer! Remember—DENTISTS love this glove and PHYSICIANS sales are growing.
FYI -OMNI also offers this product in a General Purpose glove for our food service and consumer customers.
 You can’t afford to miss this great second generation of our Lite Touch Nitrile Glove. Samples and product specification sheets are available two ways.
*Fill out an info form on our web site .
*E-mail and ask for samples and literature.
Due to high demand, please allow 14 days to receive requested samples and information.

Thank you for selling OmniTrust, OmniShield, and OmniTech Gloves.

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